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4 Best Tips for Home Improvement Industry Marketing in Metro Detroit

October 3rd, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Michele Potts

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Construction workers replacing a roof on a house

Did you know 76% of U.S. homeowners have completed at least one home improvement project since the pandemic began? And they have plans to do even more in the 12 months ahead.

If you’re in the home improvement industry in metro Detroit, it’s likely little surprise. You’ve seen the surge in demand and the challenges of standing out in a crowded market.

At Zoe Marketing & Communications, we understand. In our nearly 40 years serving the southeast Michigan family market through our sister company, Metro Parent, we’ve helped home improvement businesses connect with the right customers.

After all, it’s not only about quality services. It’s about connecting with your audience in meaningful ways. In this piece, we’ll touch on what that audience wants — and four ways to reach them:

After reading, you’ll feel more confident about how this mix of tactics can move the needle for you. And you can start weighing whether to DIY your marketing or work with an agency.


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Worries that keep metro Detroit homeowners up at night

Do you know what your future customers’ concerns are? It’s crucial to understand this before jumping into strategies.

In Michigan, where weather can be as unpredictable as a Lions game, homeowners worry about quality and durability. That goes for outdoor projects like roofing, decks and additions — ditto indoor improvements, from paint jobs to bigger bathroom or kitchen renovations.

People want to know you’re licensed and insured, to be reassured they’re investing in high-caliber work. Sometimes, they’re tempted by cheaper rates from less-qualified companies. So, explaining those risks and the benefits of higher-priced services is also essential. Being honest about these worries sets your marketing apart.

4 best home improvement marketing tactics for southeast Michigan

Building up a multichannel strategy helps ensure you’re reaching your best prospects. The best mix includes social media, SEM, reputation management and content marketing.

Home Improvement - Social Media Before After1. Social media shows metro Detroiters precisely what you can do

Think of platforms like Facebook and Instagram as digital word-of-mouth. People love to see the magic of before-and-after photos or videos when it comes to home improvement. From renovated kitchens in Corktown to new decks in Dearborn, it’s a potent way to showcase your expertise and quality work.

Posting organically to your feed is a baseline. That said, paid ads and boosted posts increase your odds of being seen. And be sure to engage with your audience, too. Answer questions promptly, thank compliments, offer extra advice, and even run special promotions. Social media can take 5-10 hours/week between posting and responding.

Ideally, run your campaigns on an ongoing basis. You’ll want to update your highlighted services or ad copy every 30-60 days. This keeps you in people’s line of vision as they’re feed-scrolling. And switching things up grabs their attention.

Home Improvement SEM - Detroit
2. Search engine marketing or SEM is like a digital billboard on I-75

Consider SEM a billboard, but better. It only delivers your ads to people who are actually looking for home improvement work and not everyone driving by. Specifically, it shows your ads at the top of the Google search results.

For example, you can target specific keywords for your services, such as “Michigan licensed contractors” or “metro Detroit home renovations.” This ensures your ads reach your ideal viewers.

The most common SEM tool, Google Ads, lets you serve your ads to certain geographic areas. Hone in on your ideal prospects by ZIP code, cities or regions.

This is another tactic well worth running month-to-month. SEM is about targeted visibility — and better-quality leads mean higher conversion rates.

Home Improvement - Reputation Management3. Reputation management of your reviews is huge for local SEO

After folks notice you in those Google results, they do more investigating. What will metro Detroiters see when they search Google and Yelp for reviews about you?

Reputation monitoring is a critical part of SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s impossible to control what people say — and it's inadvisable. In fact, people tend to suspect “perfect” 5-star reviews as too good to be true. Instead, focus on what is within your power:

  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews about their experience. A personal email with a direct link is one way. Urge them to be detailed and honest.
  • Address negative comments publicly — quickly and respectfully. It shows you care about customer satisfaction and are committed to solving problems.

Both of these efforts boost your digital reputation and SEO rankings. You’ll become more visible to homeowners, from the Motor City to the suburbs.

4. Content marketing makes you a go-to resource for southeast Michigan

Finally, consider your larger content footprint. This can include those videos or photos you’re posting to social media. But it’s also essential to build up content on your website — to draw people in and build their trust in you. Examples can include:

  • Blogs that focus on common questions or concerns, such as costs, comparisons, product reviews — and even problems/bad fit articles. Be mindful of terms people are searching for, too, such as “how to choose a contractor in metro Detroit.”
  • Video tutorials nestled into blogs that give more insight.
  • How-to guides that offer valuable info. These can be “digests” of blogs you’ve written. These are often gated, meaning people provide an email address to access them.
  • Webinars on common home improvement topics are another great approach.

Content is a more labor-intensive tactic, and consistency is critical for blogs, in particular, to let Google know you’re a trusted resource. It ultimately positions you as a local leader in your field.

Next steps for home improvement marketing in metro Detroit

Michigan’s home improvement sector is booming, along with the competition. Standing out takes a strong strategy tailored to the local market. And, with tactics like social media, SEM, reputation management and content marketing, you’ll build a strong foundation for your business in southeast Michigan.

Need some support in managing your marketing plan? Talk to us. Metro Parent is ready to put our local expertise to work to build your brand — and clientele.

Prefer to roll up your sleeves and build your marketing yourself? Dig in with these next steps:


Download Your Digital Ads Guide

Learn how digital ads can help your business, including the tools, techniques and strategies to create successful campaigns.

Michele Potts

Michele Potts is sales director for Zoe Marketing & Communications. Constantly evolving during her 20+ years in the field, she values building trust and helping clients in various industries understand the basics of complex digital marketing.