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Comparing Zoe Marketing and Chicago Parent (Infographics)

January 11th, 2024 | 3 min. read

By Kim Kovelle

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The logos of Chicago Parent and Zoe Marketing are featured, hinting at the differences between the two.

Here at Zoe, we sometimes talk about our “sister company” Chicago Parent. What’s that mean, exactly? How does a parenting media company in Chicagoland fit in with Zoe?

This is a common query, particularly from businesses already marketing with Chicago Parent. Sometimes, they outgrow these offerings, and Zoe Marketing & Communications can fill the need. In other cases, companies outside Illinois might know Zoe, but not Chicago Parent.

This blog aims to clear up the confusion with some helpful infographics. We’ll dive into:

  1. The different companies
  2. The different approaches and styles
  3. The different services offered
  4. The different clients each helps
  5. The different goals and visions
  6. How they complement each other

By the time you’re done skimming, you’ll see how Zoe Marketing & Communications differs from Chicago Parent. And you can use it to inform your next steps in your marketing decision.


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1. The different companies

Let’s begin by explaining what each company is.

  • Chicago Parent: A regional parenting media company in Chicagoland, serving Chicago and the suburbs. Since 1984, it’s delivered helpful advice, local events and stories to parents and guardians. Today, it has a print magazine (bimonthly), website and social media.
  • Zoe Marketing & Communications: This marketing agency grew out of Chicago Parent and fellow sister company, Metro Parent, in 2020. It offers more expansive marketing services in Chicagoland, metro Detroit in Michigan and nationwide.

2. The different styles and approaches


Chicago Parent is all about Chicago and its suburbs. It’s a community-focused media group that engages local moms and dads. Since it’s been around 40+ years, it’s well-established and well-trusted in the area. As a result, it draws family-oriented businesses, giving them specific marketing services that best reach its audience.

Zoe Marketing & Communications offers a full suite of advanced digital strategies at the national level. It serves a diverse clientele — not just family-geared businesses — and regularly adds new services and innovations to meet clients’ goals and needs.

3. The different services offered


Chicago Parent offers eight marketing services that tap into its local audience. This includes both followers of the brand (which are 90% female) and extended regional reach. These services include:

  1. Magazine ads in Chicago Parent, a bimonthly publication (print + digital versions)
  2. Enhanced digital ads on
  3. Email marketing
  4. Sponsored content articles (i.e., content that appears on/in Chicago Parent media)
  5. Programmatic ads
  6. Creative services
  7. Reels + sponsored social media posts (i.e., limited social media)
  8. Gamification contests + giveaways

Zoe Marketing & Communications currently offers 13 tactics that reach the audiences of your choice. Here, the options include:

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. SEM (Search engine marketing) ads (also called PPC or pay-per-click)
  3. OTT (over-the-top) streaming ads
  4. Email marketing + management
  5. Creative services
  6. Content marketing (i.e., blogs and web pages for your own website)
  7. Programmatic + location-based digital ads
  8. Social media ads
  9. Google Analytics management
  10. Video (Reels/short-form + commercial videos)
  11. Reputation management
  12. Custom publishing
  13. Web design + development

4. The different clients each helps


Businesses that market with Chicago Parent want to reach the local family market i.e., households with children and women/moms. These are small-to-mid-sized businesses. This can include (but isn’t limited to):

Companies that market with Zoe Marketing & Communications come from almost any industry. Again, these are small-to-mid-sized businesses. They include all of the Chicago Parent clients listed above, plus:

  • Home improvement
  • Attorneys + legal services
  • Medspas + elective procedures
  • Traditional retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Real estate
  • Psychotherapy
  • Finance, insurance + taxes
  • Recruiting
  • Restaurants

5. The different goals and visions


Chicago Parent focuses on building up your local connections and community trust. Its goal is to engage with local parents and make you more visible to them — using its trusted brand as the main vehicle.

Zoe Marketing & Communications focuses on sustainable business growth and broad market reach. It constantly works to improve your customers’ experience and help you gain an advantage over your competitors. 

6. How they complement each other


Ultimately, these two companies have specific goals that can be quite different. However, they also have some overlap. In a nutshell:

  • Chicago Parent offers:
    • Strong local community engagement
    • Targeted marketing for family-oriented businesses
    • Trusted regional presence
    • Print and enhanced website advertising

  • Zoe Marketing & Communications offers:
    • Advanced digital strategies
    • National reach and diverse clientele
    • Cutting-edge marketing technologies
    • Video and reputation management

  • Both companies offer:
    • Custom marketing solutions
    • Focus on client education and understanding
    • Commitment to effective and ethical marketing
    • Help for businesses seeking growth and enhanced visibility
    • An increase in quality leads

Next steps for marketing with Chicago Parent, Zoe — or another agency

Depending on your goals, type of business and location, Chicago Parent or Zoe Marketing & Communications might better fit your marketing needs.

Ultimately, Chicago Parent is geared at family-geared businesses in Chicagoland, while Zoe offers broader services to any business anywhere in the U.S.

Wondering if Chicago Parent or Zoe could be a match? Talk to us. We’ll use our 40+ years of marketing to develop a plan that fits your vision — and you choose if you want to move forward.

First, though, do a little research to get ready or see if we might not be a good fit by reading these blogs:


Download Your Guide to Marketing With Zoe

From the first steps and your role in success to specific services, pricing and success stories, learn all about partnering with Zoe.

Kim Kovelle

As Zoe Marketing & Communications’ content manager, Kim Kovelle brings nearly 20 years of writing and editing experience in metro Detroit. She has strong roots in community journalism and a knack for making complicated topics make more sense.