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5 Steps to Start Your Zoe Marketing Campaign

July 18th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Dawn Ferencak

5 Steps to Start Your Zoe Marketing Campaign

Congrats! You’ve decided to do your marketing with Zoe Marketing & Communications — or one of our partners, Chicago Parent and Metro Parent. We know you want to start immediately, and we’re right there with you.

But before your powerful ads, emails and content can take off, there are a few steps to ensure the process is smooth and seamless. In fact, your campaign can’t begin unless five simple (yet essential) things happen as quickly as possible:

  1. Sign the contract
  2. Make the payment
  3. Grant analytics access
  4. Establish contacts for ad materials
  5. Determine details for content creation

Spoiler alert: It all starts with getting your contract signed and finance-approved. In this blog, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to launch your marketing with Zoe.

1 Signature1. Sign the contract

At this point, you’ve had a meeting, if not a few. You have your proposal. You’ve agreed, “Yes! I want to move forward.” Now, it’s time to finalize your contract.

Who signs the contract?

This is your key point of contact. Typically it’s a marketing director, CEO or executive director. Ensure this person is a company decision-maker with the proper authority to sign.

Who do we inform at Zoe?

Provide this information to your marketing strategist. They’ll enter the details into your marketing agreement in our reservation system. We need the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Mailing address

How fast should we sign it?

The turnaround is as quick as possible — one business day, max. You must sign your contract before we can give you your ad specs and deadlines. 

There’s zero communication on the campaign until this agreement is signed. Delaying this critical step can also delay your entire campaign. One signature is all it takes.

How do we sign it? 

Your marketing strategist will send your contact an email that includes your marketing agreement (i.e. contract). In that email, a green button says, “Click Here to Approve Order.” See a sample below:

Sample of an order approval email from Zoe Marketing & Communications

Once you click it, a new screen opens with a “View” of your order. Next, you’ll see another button to “Approve” your order. When you click “Approve,” you’ll be asked to print (type) and sign (with your mouse) your name. It looks like this:

Sample of an order signature section from Zoe Marketing & Communications

Then, you’ll submit these details.

Will we get a confirmation?

Once your contract goes into our reservation system, yes. You’ll receive an email confirmation from your marketing strategist.

2 Payment2. Make the payment

Next, it’s time to get your campaign finance approved. Right after signing the contract, it’s the most important catalyst in the process.

Who pays for the contract?

This person is usually your accountant, finance manager or someone in a similar position. They’re responsible for payment and will receive an invoice for your campaign.

Who do we inform at Zoe?

You’ll provide payment details directly to our business manager (email accountant [at] thezoeteam [dot] com). They’ll enter the details into your marketing agreement in our reservation system. (You’ll get this information from your marketing strategist in the same email they sent with the contract details.)

What are our payment options?

You’re welcome to pay via check, credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House), which lets you pay with a direct bank account transfer.

You’ll receive payment details in the same email that had your contract. If you have any questions, contact our business manager directly to discuss details.

How quickly should we make payment?

ASAP — within 1-2 business days. Payment in full is essential to get your campaign up and running fast. If your contract extends beyond one year, we’ll discuss the next payment options at the end of the first year.

Will we get a payment confirmation?

Yes. If you’re paying via credit card, you’ll receive an emailed receipt. For checks and ACH payments, we can provide receipts upon request.

3 Access Granted3. Grant analytics access

We want to ensure your campaigns are driving traffic to key landing pages on your website. To do this, we’ll need access to your Google Analytics, or GA4, account.

Who on our team should grant this access?

This is often a marketing specialist or someone with admin access to your GA4 account.

How do we grant this access?

  1. Log into your Google Analytics GA4 account. In the bottom left corner is a gear icon for “Admin.” 
  2. Two columns will appear. In the first column, click “Account Access Management,” which is the second option down.
  3. In the pop-up screen that appears, you’ll see a list of everyone who can access your account. In the top right corner is a blue circle with a white “+” sign in it. Click it and, from the drop-down list, click “Add users.”
  4. There’s a blank field at the very top. Type in the email “webteam [at] thezoeteam [dot] com.” Below it is a list of options. “Viewer” should be automatically selected; if not, choose it. Then, at the top right corner, click the blue “Add” button. That’s it!

Why does Zoe need access?

We look for any highlights or above-average metrics, goals or conversions in your traffic from Zoe, Metro Parent or Chicago Parent.

We have “viewer” access only, so we only observe; we don’t adjust any of your settings (unless this is part of our contract).

4 Contacts Made4. Establish contacts for ad materials

Here’s what you need to know about the creative process for your ads and other campaign assets.

Who should our contact be?

The person responsible for supplying digital ads or print advertising materials is usually the main marketing contact. Keep in mind that they need to be very responsive to the campaign’s needs.

Who is our contact at Zoe?

You’ll be in touch with our marketing analyst. Depending on the services you’ve purchased, you may receive an intake form with a list of questions that will help us create your ads. You may also receive a list of deliverables.

If your campaign includes digital marketing, you’ll receive a digital marketing survey. We use your answers to define your target audience. 

How fast will we hear from Zoe?

Super fast. Once your campaign is finance-approved, you’ll receive an email from our marketing analyst within one business day. This contact communicates about your advertising materials, specs, deadlines, etc.

How fast do we need to send assets?

We highly recommend filling out your ad intake form immediately — no longer than one week max — after we send it. The ad creation process takes longer, and it’s easy to miss deadlines if we don’t have the ads ready on time.

  • If you have a targeted digital marketing survey, return that within 1-2 business days to your marketing strategist.
  • For digital ads, you’ll have about three weeks to send everything we need.
  • For print magazine ads, we request ads almost one month before the delivery month. In total, you have nearly one month to send the ad.

5 Content Direction5. Determine details for content creation

Does your marketing plan include content? Read this section for key insights into how this process works.

Who should our contact be?

This can vary based on your company’s roles, but typically it’s a marketing associate or, if you’re working with an agency, an agency account executive. This person will work directly with our content editor to select content topics or angles and sources to be interviewed, if needed.

Who will we hear from at Zoe?

Two people, and both via email to start. The first is our marketing strategist, who communicates with you about your advertising materials, specs and deadlines. 

The second is a content editor. They’ll walk you through the steps to plan your campaign.

How fast will we hear from Zoe?

For digital content, expect about a month (so, for July content, you’ll hear from us by June 1). For print magazine content, you’ll hear from us about two months in advance (for the July/August issue, we reach out very early in very early May).

Two other notes: You’ll receive a list of topic and source due dates from your marketing strategist. If you’re booking farther in advance — say 4-6 months or more — allow an extra month or two for us to be in touch.

What’s the bottom line?

In this FAQ, you learned how marketing campaigns work at Zoe Marketing & Communications, Metro Parent and Chicago Parent.

Remember, getting your your contract signed and paid are the first and most important steps. Nail these tasks in 1 business day each to start your campaign quickly.

Wondering what’s next? Explore these onboarding tips:

Successful marketing starts with clear expectations and flourishes with great collaboration. We’re excited to get your campaign off and running. And remember, if you have questions, we’re here to support and help.

Dawn Ferencak

Senior marketing strategist Dawn Ferencak guides clients with Zoe Marketing & Communications and its sister company, Chicago Parent. With 18+ years of sales experience, she’s focused on helping businesses navigate their way to success.