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Gateway Pediatric Therapy

How Gateway Established Expertise With Content + Digital Marketing

Gateway Pediatric Therapy, a local leader in applied behavior analysis (ABA) for kids with autism, was focused on Michigan-wide growth. It pooled its educational content in an SEO-optimized page on an aligned parenting website. With geotargeted digital marketing, it reached 4.09 million in one year.

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The Problem

Creating Authority + Expertise in the Competitive ABA Arena

For years, Gateway Pediatric Therapy has delivered quality ABA services in metro Detroit. As it was growing — at the time 12 locations, in areas around Michigan — so was its competition. Gateway stood out for the helpful autism content it published. It wanted to harness its expertise to offer insight to more parents who might be in need of its services.

The Solution

Consolidating + Strategically Promoting Powerful Content

Gateway’s experts were featured in educational content for four years. These 35+ stories, run by regional parenting expert Metro Parent, were consolidated into an SEO-focused pillar page, increasing its organic search power. The stories and brand were also promoted with marketing including email, retargeting, digital and print ads, and social media.

The Result

Powerful Branding in Both New + Existing Locales

Gateway Pediatric Therapy’s marketing netted 4.09 million impressions in a year. The heaviest traffic came from digital ads —  46% of which was aimed at ZIP codes in high-growth Michigan regions — and retargeting content viewers. Its content saw 20,800+ pageviews on, with 273 hours spent on page. Its newsletters drew a nearly 18% view rate.

Get Started

Create Your Own Awareness Growth in 3 Simple Steps

Building your brand and drawing more customer awareness thrives with a mix of geotargeted digital marketing, a strong message and, when possible, content.

Frequently Asked Questions About Growth + Awareness

Drawing key eyes to your marketing helps build trust and, ultimately, convinces people to do business with you. Here are answers to some common questions.

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The Bottom Line

Create Your Own Awareness Success With Zoe

Gaining new customers is a process, and it takes more than simply letting them know you exist. They need to feel you understand them, can meet their needs — and, of course, that they can trust you. Teaming with a marketing partner helps hone your message and deliver it to the people it resonates with most. Ultimately, that means growth for you and for them.