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Henry Ford Health

How Henry Ford Boosted Visibility + Trust in Pediatric Care With Content Marketing

Henry Ford Health, formerly Henry Ford Health System, was evolving its name and image. Their aim was to boost trust and visibility in metro Detroit — and their position as a pediatric care leader. With powerful content and SEO-focused promotion, in a year, it reached an audience of 333,000+ parents.

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The Problem

Evolving a New Brand + Reaching New Patients

Nearly 107 years after it was founded in 1915, Henry Ford Health took on the big task of removing “System” from its name. Facing competition from other local hospital networks, this nonprofit organization also wanted to connect more deeply with local parents, building up its reputation and recognizability as a regional leader in health care for kids.

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The Solution

Strategically Sharing Value-Rich, Trustworthy Advice

Henry Ford Health has an array of pediatric experts. We harnessed this knowledge in 18 blogs focused on infant, toddler, child and teen health — all gathered into an SEO-optimized pillar page on a highly aligned regional parenting website. The campaign featured its new logo prominently and was promoted with social media, email, SEM and digital and print ads.

The Result

Sizeable Growth in Brand Awareness + Content Reach

Henry Ford Health’s content marketing netted over 2 million local impressions from a local parenting audience in a year, with over half from blog ads. The campaign earned nearly 125,000 views as readers spent 4,400+ hours reading and seeing the new name and logo. More than 85% of traffic came from Google Search, while emails achieved 104,600+ content views.

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Get Started

Create Your Own Branding Success in 3 Simple Steps

Relaunching your brand and elevating your expertise takes a direct message and quality content. Here are the three primary steps to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rebranding

Impactful rebranding involves a mix of tactics, such as creative services, digital ads, email, content marketing and more. Find answers to common questions.

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The Bottom Line

Harness Your Own Rebranding Success With Zoe

Rebranding breathes fresh air into your business. But it’s essential to begin with a defined vision, creative direction and target audience. Working with a marketing partner helps bring clarity and creativity to the process — always while keeping your goals and unique needs in focus. Reinvigorate your brand, deliver your message to the right people and grow.